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A few types of wood...

Amandier.jpgAmarante.jpgBirdseye.jpgTroene.jpgMulga.jpgJujubier.jpgIvoire Rose.jpgIvoire Rose 2.jpgHoux 4.jpgEbene.jpgHoux 3.jpgCypres.jpgCitronnier de Ceylan.jpgChene Vert.jpgChene Vert 2.jpgCade.jpgCerisier.jpgBuis.jpgArbousier.jpgBois de Rose.jpg


Below, you'll find a list of the types of wood available:


Catégory #1

Black locust   Cade Cherry tree Green Oak White Oak
Cypress Laurel Persimmon tree Pear tree Apple tree
Plum tree Privet Almond tree Strawberry tree Hawthorn
Boxwood Holly Yew Jujubier Olive wood


Catégory #2

Amarillic Snake wood Birdseye Bocote Tulip wood
East indian satinwood Cocobolo Ebony Pink Ivory Elm burrs
Thuya burrs Mopane Mulga Sheoak  




Category 1:  22 EUR tax included

Category 2: 24 EUR tax included

Extra Leather cord: 4 EUR including tax

Luthiers and resellers are welcome to contact us for special pricing.